Don’t Wait to Show Your Love


Kerry Massage April 2013 Newsletter and Specials!

Don’t Wait to Show Your Love

As some of you already know, there was a death in my family a couple of months ago. My sister age 51 died in a car accident leaving her 2 beautiful children for us to raise and move forward with. This has been a trying two months for many reasons, but one thing I am consoled with is that my sister knew how much I loved her and I knew that she loved me too. We had our disagreements at times, but always knew the importance of resolving them and for that I am grateful.

I am telling you this for no other reason than to explain the title and point of this newsletter and the importance of expressing love to all those you truly love. Are those disagreements worth being stubborn about? Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I think this deserves attention. Let it go, work through the disagreement, tell them you love them no matter what. Then, when they are no longer with us and “resting in peace”, hopefully we can be at peace as well. Love to all.

April Specials at Kerry Massage and Healing Space!

Dry Brushing Massage Special– save $15! Help the body eliminate toxins and balance through the skin. Includes Dry Brushing the entire body (you get your own body brush with the treatment with home care instruction) and a full body 60 minute Swedish Massage with Organic Coconut Oil. $110; with Deep Tissue $125.  (reg. price $125 and $140; add NJ Sales Tax 7%).

Prenatal Massage $10 Off! Swedish style bodywork focusing on the common imbalances occurring during pregnancy. The entire back, hip joints, legs, feet, issues of water retention and anything else the mother-to-be is feeling will be addressed. Deep work on contra-indicated pregnancy points is avoided. This is also a wonderful way for the pregnant woman to feel complete, since in most cases the belly is usually the focus for the duration of the pregnancy. $65 (reg. $75; add NJ Sales Tax 7%).